A successful event is an unforgettable moment. To have such an unforgettable moment in all types of events, E2E is the most suitable one, which has 23years of experience in executing a variety of successful events. We understand our client’s requirements thoroughly and save their time by providing regular updates from our side. Not only that but a 360-degree work from perfect planning to providing best class suppliers and vendors, to the event resulting in execution excellence.

The different general of events we offer


E2E is a well-reputed event managing enterprise, who proffer complete and thorough services. We provide A to Z assistance for all types of events like; seminars and conferences, trade shows, appreciation events, employees meet, workshops, customer loyalty programs, product launches, charity events, etc. We gift you with a lively, apposite, and exemplary kind of event that is to your satisfaction. We analyze and source a single-page checklist of quality vendors or performers from worldwide and construct back-ups to solve the situation when it comes to expecting the unexpected kind of one.


Why choose E2E for your next brand activation programs, contests, roadshows, floats, sampling, or data generation. We are a well-known event management company that goes beyond the brief and designs a mind map of solutions prior to the event if a situation arises. We manage the flawless execution of events across all major cities nationwide.


At E2E, we create goodwill and reputation for the first person responsible from our client’s perspective. We also help you to hold perfect and faultless events like farmers’ events, trade promotion events, mandi (sandy) promotions, and rural events. These events may vary, but our goal is to provide our customers with a marvelous time.

Birthday Party Planner

A Birthday celebration requires proper planning. Celebration is not just Cake cutting; it is full of fun and entertainment. It is a day to cherish forever. Accurate planning saves money and time. Before you pen down your guest list, you must plan for the birthday party. A professional Birthday party planner can help you with all your expectations and check your entire bucket list.


Events like engagement parties, weddings,s and baby showers are one of a kind, and in E2E, we make it once in a lifetime type of experience for you. We also offer you many other lifestyle events like reunions, themed parties, birthday celebrations, game show events, and cultural events. We go by the concept you name it and we plan it, we take care of all your fantasies come true, from venue and decor to the catering and entertainment and to the other elements of an event.